PIM 6508 – 8 Axis Machining Centre

PIM 6508 is 8-axis CNC controlled machining center. Able to machine all operations on four sides of profiles such as milling, opening key holes, water slots, hinge holes, handle holes, marking, saw blade cutting etc. Upto 10 profiles can be placed on the infeed conveyor and the 3-axis pneumatic gripper moves them into the milling & cutting center for the milling and cutting operations.

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• 8 – Axis Servo controlled CNC
• Fully automated feeding, carrying, positioning, cutting and transferring units
• Drill, Mill and slot on all 4 sides
• Pneumatic gripper for accurate positioning of the profile
• Horizontal and vertical clamping of the profile
• Automatic conveyor unit with the loading capacity of 10 profiles
• Ø 500 mm dia Servo controlled saw blade
• 30⁰ to 150⁰ with the accuracy of -/+ 0.1⁰
• Windows based PC and 15.6’’ LCD touch screen monitor
• Remote desktop connection and providing technical support
• User friendly interface software that is compatible with most CAD programs
• Ability to perform milling and cutting operations at the same time
• Automatic frame and sash profile recognition system
• Automatic profile width and height dimension control system
• Automatic lubrication system
• Low pressure control for saw blade safety operations
• LED interior lighting
• Barcode Printer

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Weight 3070 kg