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Luna Machinery is the leading expert on aluminium & uPVC machines in Australia with over 35 years of experience sourcing, selecting and selling aluminium and uPVC fabrication machines.

Our focus is helping local Australian companies across a broad range of industries fabricating Aluminium & uPVC grow their business, improve the quality of their output, and increase workplace safety. We work closely with our supplier’s Research and Development teams to customise equipment for Australian industry conditions and are able to tailor our machines in our workshop to your specific requirements. We have extensive experience in Aluminium, uPVC and Timber machinery including saws, copy routers, end millers and crimpers. Browse our website for the latest Aluminium and uPVC fabrication machinery and accessories including measuring systems, roller conveyors, workshop equipment, blades, router cutters, cutting lubricant and spare parts.

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Our Suppliers

At Luna we have built strong partnerships with some of the most well known Aluminium & PVC machine fabrication companies in Europe. We have positioned ourselves with companies that offer exceptional value and provide machines that are built for maximising production output and efficiency for local Australian Aluminium & PVC manufacturing industries.

Our suppliers actively listen to industry and customer feedback here in Australia and are constantly evolving and improving their machines accordingly. This ensures our machines are never out of date, meet the latest local regulatory rules and provide ongoing improvements to performance and efficiency. With a strong network of suppliers for machines and accessories we can ensure a strong ex stock supply of spare parts and accessories at very affordable prices so you are never out of production.

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