WM2 – uPVC Twin Head Welder

The Pertici WM2 Twin Head uPVC Welding Machine.

Automatic two-head welding machine with fixed
head at variable angles from 40° to 180° and
movable head with fixed 90° angle.
WM2 is available in a length of 3500 mm, both heads are equipped
with heated knives, fusion plate with automatic temperature control
via digital thermoregulator and standard limitation thickness at 0.2
The fusion depth is 3 mm on each welded side. WM2 can be
equipped with counter-blocks (optional) and can process all types
of standard, acrylic and coated profiles. The entire welding cycle is
controlled by a PLC which manages heating, melting, and cooling


  • Fully automatic two corner PVC welder
  • Maximum length 3500mm
  • Window profiles at an angle of 40° to 180°
    All parameters such as melting and welding time, welding pressure are set on the control panel independently
    Welding two corners of window frames or sash profiles are carried out in one cycle
    Quick change mould system
    Adjustable clamp and welding pressure according to the profile type
    Adjustable temperature 0-300°C via electronic thermostat
    2mm Weld and 0.2mm Seamless
    Low pressure safe clamping pressure
    Equipped with two support arms
  • Adjustable melting and welding time
  • Manual control panel

Additional information

Weight 720 kg
Dimensions 75 × 430 × 170 cm

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