Luna back cutting saws feature large diameter blades with the ability to rotate from 90 degrees to 22.5 degrees both left and right, quick and easily, at the press of a button.

Suitable for cutting large sections requiring regular accurate angle changes.

Two hand operation and automatic hood makes Luna back cutting saws one of the safest saws to use.

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  • 550mm Diameter Blade
  • 330mm H x 195mm W Cutting Capacity @90°
  • 230mm H x 195mm W Cutting Capacity @45°
  • 120mm H x 195mm W Cutting Capacity @22.5°
  • 3.0kW (4HP) 3 Phase Induction Motor
  • 1 Vertical Pneumatic Clamp
  • 2 Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps
  • Hydro Pneumatic blade feed with variable feed rate
  • 2 Hand safety operation
  • Spray mist blade lubrication
  • Air Duster Gun
  • 550mm 128T Saw blade included

Additional information

Weight 385 kg
Dimensions 99 × 108 × 157 cm

R55, RE55

Cut Chart