SM201 – Automatic Reinforcement Steel Screwdriver

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Used for screwing of reinforcement steel on the PVC door and window profiles fast and precisely. The PVC profile with the reinforcement steel inserted is manually driven into the screwing unit table and the screwing process is started with the pedal. Profile forward movement is done manually until the screwing process is completed.


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• Adjustable screwing force and position for various kinds of profiles
• Fixes the material firmly by automatic clamping to prevent movement during screwing
• Mechanical sensor on the head guarantees an optimum screwing process
• Adjustable resting distance for the supported types of profiles
• Recommended reinforcement sheet thickness 2.5 mm
• Profile support arms on the left and right sides
• Special, adjustment key for the height of screw
• Long-lasting use and easy change of the bit
• Automatic stop after finishing screwing
• Screw feed speed approx. 1.7 sec./pc.
• Foot pedal operation for screwing
• Safety key to prevent misuse
• Automatic screw feeding unit

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Weight 132 kg
Dimensions 62 × 230 × 172 cm