SC55 – Scarabeo

  • SC 55 CNC cutting centre with 2 controlled axis
  • Designed for cutting Aluminium & PVC profiles.
  • 500mm Blade Diameter
  • 2.2kW Motor
  • Maximum Width 134mm
  • Maximum Height 148mm
  • Maximum Length 6500mm
  • Automatic Pneumatic angle change 45 – 90 – 135 Degrees
  • 2 Horizontal and 2 Vertical clamps
  • Motorized chip and waste extraction


  • Intermediate Angles from 45 -135 degrees
  • Electronic Profile height measurment
  • Bar code Reader


SC 55 CNC cutting centre with 2 axis control, designed for cutting Aluminium & PVC profiles, fast and efficiently.
The machine loads the profile, cuts and unloads automatically and without the assistance of the operator.
Available in left or right configuration according to your need.
The software, developed entirely by Pertici Industries of Italy, ensures the best management of the machining cycle.
The machine is composed of 3 units:
 1. Automatic Bar Loading Unit
– Loading unit with max capacity of up to 12 bars of 6.6 m length (depending on the dimension of the profile section)
– Bar presence detection device on automatic bar pusher
– Belt system with possibility of loading offcut pieces (minimum length of the offcut piece 400mm)
– Bars loading unit with belts
2. Cutting Unit
– Blade rotation to cut at 45° – 90° – 135°
– Centering device, which allows always to have the centre of rotation of the cutting unit matching with the centre of the profile section, in order to also carry out wedge cuts automatically
– Front door for free access to maintenance in the cutting area
– Automatic scraps evacuation system
3. Automatic Unloading and Storage Unit
– Automatic unloading of cut pieces
– Unloading storage unit with light safety barrier
– Maximum unloading capacity up to 15 pieces

Additional information

Weight 2400 kg

Cut Chart