P304/P307/P309 – 4 Axis CNC Machining Centre

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4 Axis CNC Machining Centre, for drilling and milling of Aluminium and uPVC profiles. ISO Platform and ISO Language Editor. P-CAM Software. DXF and NCX import.
Supplied with 5 Tools and collets.

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  • 8.5 kW HSK-F63
    24,000 RPM
    Working Length P304 4,100mm, P307 7,100mm, P309 9,100mm
    Working Width 600mm
    Working Height 300mm
    X Axis 80 metre/minute
    Y Axis 50 metre/minute
    Z Axis 30 metre/minute
    A Axis 9000 deg/minute
    10 position Automatic Tool Change
    4/8 Clamps Automatic Positioning
    Standard Macros (Holes, Circles, Slots, Rectangle, Locks)
    Automatic Positioning of clamps


Machining Capacity