Lunasol Ultra

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Our Improved formula Aluminium cutting fluid is a fully synthetic product designed to assure the cleanest cut possible when working with non-ferrous metals.

Lunasol Ultra’s unique scientific formula provides optimum cooling and lubrication properties. It is specially formulated for air operated spray-mist systems and can also be used in “Flooding Cooling” applications and punching dies.


  • Multi-metal Safe (including stainless steel)
  • Lengthens blade life
  • Biodegradable – does not contain petroleum based oils
  • Contains special corrosion inhibitors, will not rust or corrode
  • Use for ferrous or non-ferrous metals
  • Non flammable
  • Non-toxic; non-irritant – contains no nitrates, sulphur, mineral oils, heavy salt, silicones, chlorine or halogens
  • Refer; Material Safety Data Sheet (available upon request)
  • Dilute 20 : 1 with water

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Lunasol Ultra SDS Chemwatch 5544-26