Spare Parts


  1. Q. Where can I purchase a machine from Luna Machinery?
    A: Please see our ‘Contact Us’ page for a complete list of showrooms across all States.

  2. Q. How do I purchase spare parts and accessories from Luna Machinery?
    A: You can purchase spare parts and accessories using the ‘Order’ feature on our website.
    Alternatively you can call, email or fax your order if you prefer. See ‘Contact Us’ information for details.

  3. Q. What if I’m unsure of the size or type of my spare part or accessory?
    A: Please use the ‘Contact Us’, providing a photo and/or as much detail as possible and we will call you to discuss your requirements.

  4. Q. I’m opening up a new business & need advice on the most suitable machines to start with?
    A: We suggest making an appointment to come into one of our showrooms so we can fully understand your unique requirements and demonstrate the machines in action. This allows us to work together to get the best result for your business. We can also arrange a site visit to your factory.

Payment Terms

  1. Q. What are your payment terms?
    A. Once we receive confirmation of your order we require a 20% deposit to begin preparing your order. Full payment is required before your order is shipped. 
    Our full Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.

  2. Q. What types of payment do you take?
    A. We take accept Master Card, Visa, EFTPOS, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Cheque and Cash. Please note that Cheque funds must be cleared before goods will be shipped.

  3. Q. Do credit cards attract a transaction fee?
    A. Yes. Credit card payments attract a 1.35% transaction fee.


  1. Q. Can I finance my Machine?
    A. We partner with a number of finance firms that can offer full or part finance for our machines. Standard approval criteria applies.


  1. Q. When can I expect my order once I’ve paid?
    A. 2-3 days from confirmation of payment.

  2. Q. Is delivery included in my machine quote?
    A. Delivery is a separate charge to the machine quote and is based on weight, dimensions and shipping distance.

  3. Q. Once I’ve paid for my machine when will I receive it?
    A. Many of our machines need little customisation and can be shipped to you within 5 days, pending stock availability, once we receive full payment.
    For machines that need special customisation we will provide an estimated time of delivery on a case by case basis.

  4. Q. The machine I’ve requested needs to be shipped from overseas, when can I expect it to land in Australia?
    A. 10 to 12 weeks from a deposit being taken.


  1. Q. Is installation included in my quoted price?
    No, installation is quoted and charged separately to your machine package price.
  3. Q. Can I self install my machine?
    A. Our machines, conveyor and length stop systems are simple to self install and come with instructions for standard set-ups.
    A qualified installer should conduct the installation for non standard or customised machine installations.

  4. Q. What happens if I run into trouble installing?
    A. We are only a phone call away and more than happy to provide over the phone support. If a service installer is required to be onsite then standard service fees apply.


  1. Q. How do I get my machine serviced?
    A. Simply contact our representative in your state on our Contact Us page and we will respond to you within 24 hrs.

Q. How much  will it cost me for a machine service?
Service Fees
Warranty Service – 12 Months: FREE
Call Out Fee: $ 110.00 + GST
Service fee per hour: $140.00 + GST

  1. My machine is over 15yrs old, can I still get spare parts and have it serviced?
    Many European machine manufacturers were heavily impacted by the Global Financial Crisis and went out of business, as a result spare parts are very hard to source for older machines. The cost of these spares can become uneconomical and consideration of a new machine may be a better option.
    If the parts are generic and your machine is fundamentally sound then part replacement and repair may still be suitable. Please contact us to discuss options.


Q. What is the warranty period on my machine?
12 months. See Terms and Conditions for further detail.

Spare Parts

  1. Q. How do I order a spare part?
  2. A. Simply contact our representative in your state on our ‘Contact Us’ page and we will respond to you within 24 hrs. 

Q. What if I’m unsure of the part number?
A. Provide and much details as possible or a photo of the part.


Q. How can I order accessories?
A. The easiest way is to order through our website.
For customised orders you may wish to discuss with us over the phone or via email. Please see the contact us page for details.

Q. What accessories do you offer?
A. A wide range of conveyor systems, length stops saw blades , router cutters, lubricants, manufacturing benches & trollies all ex stock.


  1. Q. What if I don’t receive my order?
    A. The majority of orders have shipment tracking on them and this is emailed to you. If you haven’t received any tracking advice and your goods still haven’t arrived after 72hrs please contact us.